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ChassisSim bootcamps 2017!

ChassisSim is proud to announce our bootcamp schedule for 2017. If you want to know how to make your racecar faster and use simulation for this very purpose then these seminars are a must attend event. Also this year there is a difference. The bootcamps in Cologne Germany and Indianapolis USA will be 2 day bootcamps. Day 1 will be theory. Day 2 will focus on applying ChassisSim to your racecar. The dates and venues are; Koln (Cologne) Germany – Monday – Tuesday, November 13-14, 2017. Charlotte  -North Carolina – USA – Thursday, November 30, 2017 . Indianapolis – Indiana … Continue reading


Creating tyre models in minutes

It is often thought you need detailed tyre rig data to achieve correlation like this, The following tutorial blows this myth right out of the water. Enjoy,


What you get out of Simulation

In this latest episode of Dan’s Vehicle Dynamics Corner Danny Nowlan the Director of ChassisSim Technologies outlines what you get from racecar simulation, After all it builds the bedrock for results like this,


ChassisSim in Action – Video!!

At World Time Attack Challenge at Eastern Creek raceway in Sydney Australia, NA Autosport went from P17 to P3. This was thanks to Aero from AMB Aero and chassis tuning courtesy of ChassisSim Here’s the video of the lap. A perfect case study of ChassisSim in action. Enjoy


Why Simulation needs to be one of the first things you do

One of the great misconceptions about race car simulation is it is thought of as nice optional extra. If your serious though it needs to be one of the first things you do. Danny Nowlan the Director of ChassisSim Technologies outlines why in this video, Think of it another way. Do you want to be making setup decisions on guesswork or based on correlation like this,


Incorporating Race car handling into Lap Time Simulation

In this latest episode of Dan’s Vehicle Dynamics corner/ChassisSim Tutorial Danny Nowlan the Director of ChassisSim Technologies outlines a new feature in ChassisSim v3.30 to incorporate race car handling into the lap time calculation. Enjoy,


ChassisSim v3.30 has just been released

ChassisSim v3.30 has just been released. The new features in ChassisSim v3.30 are explained in this tutorial. Enjoy


Simulation in Action – WTAC 2016

One of the greatest misconceptions in race engineering is simulation is a nice optional extra. The following case study from World Time Attack Challenge 2016 shows why simulation tools such as ChassisSim are a necessity, Here’s the video on how we did it. Enjoy


ChassisSim is presenting a workshop at PMW 2016

ChassisSim is proud to announce that we will be running a workshop at the Professional Motorsport World Expo 2016 in Cologne Germany, The workshop to be presented on 10:30am Wednesday Nov 9 2016 will focus on simulating from nothing. That is what do you do when you have to model a racecar and you have nothing to start with. It’s a critical skill to learn since it lays the foundation work for results like this, We look forward to seeing you there. Also I’ll be teaming up with my colleague Ton Serne in the following session for a joint Q … Continue reading


ChassisSim customer PR1 Motorsport win at Petit LeMans 2016

ChassisSim customer PR1 Motorsports won the LMPC Category at Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday the 1st of October 2016, “I’m absolutely thrilled for Bobby, John and all the crew at PR1 Motorsports. If you ever want a case study of how to use racecar simulation, PR1 Motorsports is a perfect case in point” – Danny Nowlan – Director, ChassisSim Technologies If you want to learn to how to get results like this then the following is a must attend event, www.chassissim.com/blog/chassissim-news/the-chassissim-bootcamps-are-back-for-2016 For the US Bootcamps, John Hayes the Race Engineer for PR1 Motorsports will be one of … Continue reading

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