ChassisSim was first developed in the mid 1990’s and has been evolving ever since. Thanks to its generic multi-body vehicle dynamic model it can be applied in a multitude of categories. Some of these categories are…

  • Formula E, electric prototypes or any type of electric car
  • Open wheeler categories such as F3 and F2
  • Sportscar categories such as LMP1 and LMP2
  • Touring car categories such as NASCAR and V8 Supercars
  • High downforce categories such as DTM and World Time Attack Challenge.
  • World Rally Championship (WRC), Drift racing and Dirt racing.

Bottom line, if it has 4 wheels and you race it we can simulate it.

But why ChassisSim and why should you use it?

ChassisSim uses the SAME numerical engine for driver in the loop and lap-time simulation.

That means there are no discrepancies in the results our clients see. Other companies have simulation software that takes hours to produce clients changes, or companies need to invest in multiple off-site servers. None of that with ChassisSim!

The video on this page describes what makes ChassisSim unique and why it’s your first choice to help you understand and get the most out of your car.

Run professional simulations for a fraction of the cost with our Online Simulation!

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