Racecar Simulation – Connecting the dots

October 4, 2012

Have you ever wondered how you use Racecar Simulation to get results?

In this series of articles originally published in Racecar Engineering, Danny Nowlan the Director of ChassisSim Technologies shows you how to get started using racecar simulation and how to connect the dots,

In Part – 1 you’ll be shown how to prepare for racecar simulation,

In Part – 2 you’ll be shown how to create circuit models and tips and tricks to focus on the things that really count.

Lastly in Part-3 you’ll be shown the steps you need to take to refine the vehicle model so you can use it at the racetrack to get results.

Danny Nowlan the Director of ChassisSim Technologies explains,
“Even though alot of the process and functions in these articles have been automated in the latest releases of ChassisSim, this series of articles explains where all this comes from. However more importantly it outlines the work flow that we have found in the ChassisSim community that gets results. Consequently it is an invaluable read for those starting in simulation, and as a check list for the more experienced user”

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