Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices for goods and services on this website are quoted in Australian Dollars.
  2. Once payment has been recieved the customer shall receive their goods and services within 1 hour. If there are any problems please email info@chassissim.com for assistance.
  3. ChassisSim Technologies will not distribute any client information to any third party unless it involves credit card processing or credit checking. In this case this information is supplied strictly to the relevant financial instituions for the act of processing payments. Otherwise all information is strictly confidential.
  4. All payments made using our credit card facilities support Secured Sockets Layer based transactions (SSL) from a browser to a level of at least 128 bits.
  5. Request for refunds shall be treated on a case by case basis from ChassisSim Technologies. ChassisSim Technologies will have the final say on refunds.
  6. While every care is taken to ensure the goods and services here are a true reflection of your car, none the less you use this software and services strictly at your own risk and ChassisSim Technologies and its agents willl not be liable for any damages or costs forth with. ChassisSim Technologies and it’s agent take no responsibility for your accident/mishap or misadventure or any financial claim that might arrive from this.

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