The ChassisSim Professional Online competition!

February 7, 2013

To celebrate the launch of ChassisSim Professional Online we are going to have a competition so you can find out what you can use it for.
The competition will be the modelling and finding the optimum setup for a twin shock F3 car. Register at with the subject being F3 competition. You’ll be provided with the following,

  • A setup sheet.
  • A monster file that is the data that corresponds to this car.

Further instructions will be provided when you register.
The competition will be broken down into two tasks. The first task is to achieve correlation. The second task is to achieve the fastest possible lap time. All of this will be used using ChassisSim Professional Online. The goal will be to submit a finished car model and circuit files, with a report outlinig what you did. To throw some sanity into this we are not necessarily looking for the fastest possible lap time. We want the car quicker, but we also want to know how you got there and why. Also all reports are to be limited to 10 A4 pages!
Entries will be open to March 1, and final submissions will be March 21. The winners will be published in the May Edition of Racecar Engineering. You’ll also be limited to a maximum of 300 simulations. Also on this one you are on your own. There will be no customer support on this one! This is a test of intelligence and initiative! Don’t worry if you follow the instructions you’ll be fine.
There is also a prize on offer here. The prize is the following,

  • A cash prize of AUD $500
  • Free use of ChassisSim Professional Online for 6 months.

This competition is open to everyone except current ChassisSim users and competitors. So knock yourselves and we look forward to your entries.

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