The ChassisSim Race Engineering Competition is on for 2021!

July 22, 2021


Welcome to ChassisSim’s Online Race Engineering competition for 2021, the top three setups will win prize money in US Dollars!

The competition is based on engineering setup changes, the aim is to create a fast and drivable GT3 race car around the iconic Bathurst circuit. Entrants will be provided…

  • 1 x unique car model
  • 1 x circuit model
  • ChassisSim professional Online licence, with 100 simulations

To create a fair and level playing field, the car is unique, so no-one has an advantage. The competition is open to everyone, this includes students or anyone working in the motorsport/automotive industry. 

The entry fee is $50 AUD, plus prize money for the top three setups to be won!

  • 1st prize $500 USD + 200 Online Simulations
  • 2nd prize $375 USD + 100 Online Simulations
  • 3rd prize $250 USD + 50 Online simulations

Also Positions 4 – 10 will get 25 Online Simulations.

To enter please click the button below…

Click here to Enter

Once you have completed the registration you will be emailed the instructions and the files to create the simulation. Note the score is a composite score of the fastest lap time simulation and ChassisSim driver in the loop!

The timeline for the competition is outlined below…

  • Entries are open  July 22 2021, 1:00pm Australian EST.
  • Competition closes and model submission October 1 2020, 11pm Pacific Time USA.
  • Winners will be announced on October 22 2021, 7pm Pacific Time USA.


Please watch the video below to view the outline and rules of the competition and may the best race engineer win!

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