‘The dynamics of the race car’ hard cover books available

December 19, 2019


Due to customer requests we have released a hard copy book of The dynamics of the race car.

We have a limited number of copies available. The hard cover book comes with over 120 full colour graphics.

Now on sale for $110 USD plus shipping.

Order your hard cover book now!

If you would prefer a digital copy of the book, The dynamics of the race car is also available as an ebook for $89 USD.

The ebook is available for purchase separately at these online stores.

Apple iBooksThe dynamics of the race car

To purchase please click the button ‘View in Apple iBooks’ there may be another window that pops up, if so click ‘Open iBooks app’ and it will open in your countries iBook app.

Amazon KindleThe dynamics of the race car

About the book 

Do you want to know what makes a race car fast and how to apply these formulas to improve the outcome of your race car or the team’s race car?

This book explains vehicle dynamics and the formulas behind race car performance. It will also teach you how to analyse and review a vehicle dynamics setup and how to evaluate a driver’s performance using data from the race car.

This book is for;

  • Data Engineers
  • Race Car Engineers
  • Chassis or Powertrain Engineers
  • Trackside Engineers
  • Crew Chiefs
  • Formula SAE students
  • or
  • Engineering students wanting to work in motorsport or the automotive industry.

To read the first 20 pages for FREE please click here then ‘Look Inside’.

These formulas can be applied to any race car or high performance road car, this includes stock cars, (Nascar, Dirt late model cars Touring cars and V8 Supercars) rally cars (World Rally car – WRC) hybrid and electric cars (Formula E), Open wheeler, (Formula 3, Formula 2, Formula Renault, Indy car, Hill climb, Clubmans, Formula Vee), Sports cars (GT3, LMP1, LMP2) and even prototypes.

Topics covered include;

  • Suspension geometry
  • Aerodynamic downforce and how to apply formulas to your own car
  • Dampers, springs and roll bars
  • Car stability control
  • Racecar simulation
  • The differential

To quote one of my customers who has been in motor racing for over 35 years…

“I don’t know how I did my job before using race car simulation”.

The book also covers real examples from the race track! Danny has improved the results and performance of a variety of race teams around the world, he has also been a regular contributor to Racecar Engineering for the past 11 years.

The eBook is available now and is only USD $89.99 or an equivalent price in your in your local currency. The ebook is available for the iPad or Kindle readers.

To download/purchase the eBook please visit;

Apple iBooksThe dynamics of the race car
Amazon KindleThe dynamics of the race car

This book will be an invaluable addition to your race engineering library.


“Whether I had forgotten or never actually knew how to work it out, I do now. The dynamics of the race car by Danny Nowlan is a great piece of work and I only wish I could have had it sooner to have made my engineering of race cars easier.”

Will Phillips – Director at KW Racing and former IndyCar and HighCroft Racing Technical Director

“Absolutely a VERY GOOD book for those who want to work with facts and mathematics!!!!”
Ton Serne – Racecar Engineer and Instructor

“This is just fantastic!! Should be used in Engineering School” 
Raul Prados  – Race Engineer

The Dynamics of the Race Car is belongs on the shelf of every Race Engineer. Along with Milliken, Analysis Techniques for Race Car Data Acquisition by Jorge Segers, this book serves as the third leg of the Race car dynamics foundation. This book is excellent. It is both thorough and concise making it a valuable tool for use in the field. Highly recommended!!
James McCabe – Principal Race Engineering Services


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