ChassisSim has just become an ORECA technical partner

October 3, 2013

ChassisSim is proud to announce it has just become a technical partner with the Sportscar Manufacturer ORECA,

ChassisSim will be used in the group’s constructor department as well as the research and development division. One of the involved projects includes the design and building of the new REBELLION R-One LM P1.

“I am delighted at the technical partnership between ChassisSim and ORECA . ORECA’s reputation speaks for itself and their sportscars have always been highly competitive. Stay tuned for the results of our collaboration. There are exciting times ahead!” – Danny Nowlan, the Director of ChassisSim Technologies

“ChassisSim allows us to simulate laptimes virtually and on all types of circuits” explains Christophe Guibbal, design bureau director of ORECA.

“That allows us to refine, to the slightest detail, our simulations of setting up the car, especially on a Le Mans prototype. We can change all the parameters that we want, such as aerodynamics, engine, gearbox, as well as shock absorbers. Firstly, we did a correlational study to evaluate the program by comparing the results of the simulation to concrete data taken from the ORECA 03 LM P2, both in 2012 and in 2013, on several tracks including Le Mans. We were quickly convinced and we have since requested a specific development for our work.”

ORECA Technology will use this technology for various projects, including the design, building and development of the new REBELLION R-One that will be entered by REBELLION Racing in next year’s World Endurance Championship. “This technological solution is even more interesting taking into account the nature of the 2014 rules and regulations for the 24 Hours of Le Mans ” adds Christophe Guibbal.

“We can actually simulate fuel consumption and the precise factors that affect this point. With a rules package based on the quantity of energy, we need an adapted program. We believe this is the case with ChassisSim, with its specific development for ORECA.”

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