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February 14, 2011

ChassisSim Technologies is proud to announce the release of ChassisSim Lite. ChassisSim Lite now puts the power of professional race simulations used by top race teams in the hands of the local race shop, the freelance engineer/crew chief and the motorsport enthusiast.

For as little as USD $2000 plus modelling charges the benefits enjoyed by professional motorsport teams can be sampled by a much larger sector of the motorsport community. With ChassisSim Lite the following setup variables of the car can be explored.

  • Springs, dampers and bump rubber and packer gaps
  • Roll bars
  • Suspension Geometry configurations
  • Tyres
  • Changes in downforce
  • Gear ratios

Furthermore these all come in an intuitive simplified interface that doesn’t require specific vehicle dynamics training.

ChassisSim Lite can be obtained from the following dealers:

Australia/New Zealand South East Asia
Pat Cahill – Competition Systems
email –
Ph – +61 3 9580 6951

John Hayes – Hayes Raceworks
email –
Phone + 1 (678) 590-0015

Mike Pilbeam – Pilbeam Racing Designs
email –
Phone +44 (0) 1778 424838

While you have the option of doing the modelling yourself, approximately USD $2500 should give you a complete turn key model. Albeit this will vary from dealer to dealer and the complexity of the car being modelled.

While ChassisSim Lite does not have all the features of ChassisSim Standard or Elite it is the perfect entry level simulator that paves the way for the more advanced versions of ChassisSim. Furthermore unlike a lot of other simulators it uses a full 21 state transient multi-body vehicle dynamic engine.

What this means in plain terms is you are using exactly the same tools professional race teams use and the only way you are going to get better is to run your car on the circuit.
Danny Nowlan – The Director of ChassisSim Technologies, author and Racecar Engineering contributor explains.

“ChassisSim Lite is a game changer. This brings proper race car simulation tools in used by race winning teams into the hands of the small race shop, the freelance engineer/crew chief and the motorsport enthusiast. Make no mistake this isn’t some glorified pocket calculator that fell of the back of an excel sheet. This is the real deal that will transform the way you engineer your race car.

Furthermore the users have two options with Lite. They can get our team to tailor models to their requirements. Alternatively we have left a lot of modelling options open that the smart freelance engineer can use to fill in an awful lot of blanks.

Either way once you start using ChassisSim you’ll wonder where has this been all my life”

If this sounds like you contact one of the lite dealers or try ChassisSim online now for only $5 per simulation.

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