Lap-time simulation & driver in the loop simulation combined

October 6, 2020

UK Formula Student, Virtual Dynamics Competition

Usually lap-time simulation and driver in the loop simulation, use different programs AND different numerical engines.

What this means is that there is no 100% guarantee that the setup entered into the lap-time simulation software is accurately reflected in the driver the loop software.

ChassisSim uses the SAME numerical engine for driver in the loop and lap-time simulation.
That means there are no discrepancies.

This is why ChassisSim was selected for the UK Formula Student, Virtual Dynamics competition in 2020 run by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers UK. As the Institute wanted the competition to be as close to real life as possible.

Due to Covid-19 the Institute of Mechanical Engineers UK had to cancel the July Formula Student 2020 event at Silverstone and replace the event with a virtual competition.

ChassisSim was used to replace the acceleration, Skid-Pad, and Sprint events. The Lap Time Simulation and Driver-in-the-loop segments of ChassisSim were used for the competition. Below is a quote from the Chief Scrutineer of the event.

“In March this year (2020) it became apparent that our traditional Formula Student event could not take place, so we decided to run a virtual alternative. For the organising committee it was key that whatever event we held must still maintain an appropriate level of academic rigour to maintain the educational experience that Formula Student provided for the competitors.

Recreating the dynamic events was the most challenging aspect of this. We partnered with ChassisSim who developed a Lap-time Simulation event to our specification that recreated the Acceleration, Skid-Pad and Sprint events using their excellent software package. The Sprint event also included a Driver In the Loop element, also using ChassisSim software.

The event delivered everything we expected for the student educational experience, with great technical support for the students when required.”

Dan Jones – Chief Scrutineer – Formula Student UK –
Institute of Mechanical Engineers UK

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