What Makes ChassisSim Unique?

August 9, 2017


The difference between ChassisSim and other lap time simulation software, is ChassisSim is dynamic.

Dynamic, means the race car is calculated in real time, as if the race car is being run on the circuit.

Other simulation software is pseudo static or quasi static.

Pseudo static and quasi static means it is like taking snap shots of the race car at different points on the race track, then the software stitches the snap shots together to provide an estimate.

Lap time simulation software that is pseudo static or quasi static doesn’t produce as accurate results as dynamic lap time simulation software, like ChassisSim.

ChassisSim is unique, as it is dynamic lap time simulation software. This is why ChassisSim can achieve correlation like the picture above.

For further information, please watch the video attached below.


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