What Respected Motorsport professionals are saying about ChassisSim

May 5, 2011

“We have been using ChassisSim for 5 years now, and it has helped us with development through 3 generations of GP2 cars, always giving good results that are repeatable on track. The facility to build circuit maps with bump profiles enables you to fine tune suspension setting, and run through a test/race program before going to the event to make sure you are always operating in the performance window of the car when you are on track. We were able to simulate and spot a braking stability problem that a certain suspension set-up gave, which helped us understand and rectify the problem quickly, I would recommend any serious race team to use ChassisSim to keep the competitive edge.”

Gavin Jones
iSport Race Engineer


ChassisSim is an excellent product.  It is powerful, accurate, and allows the user to fully control all aspects of the model, which is exactly what top level teams need.

Patrick Coorey
GP2 Race Engineer

“Having used several commercially available simulation packages including Pi Sim, AeroLap, ADAMS and ChassisSim over the past 7 years, I have chosen and will continue to choose ChassisSim as my primary simulation package for track simulations and sensitivity studies.  With the ability to model stability, inertia, damping and track surface roughness ChassisSim adds a necessary dimension to racecar simulation in an affordable package that is lacking in many other simulation suites.

Simply put, ChassisSim goes beyond simply setting ride heights and selecting gear ratios – it will take your simulation work to the next level and beyond.  To top it all off, Danny Nowlan – owner of ChassisSim – provides the most comprehensive and accessible customer service that I have ever experienced – both within and outside the motorsports realm.”

Scott Raymond
Race Engineer
Dale Coyne Racing (Indycar Series)
Professor of Motorsports Engineering Technology – Indiana University Perdue University Indianapolis


“Oxford Brookes University use ChassisSim as we feel it provides automotive students with an excellent opportunity to really understand the physics of a racing car. We have found the software to give good correlation with real data across the many different racing categories that we are involved with. The back up support service is superb with queries being answered quickly and new updates always available.”

Nick Bowler
Senior Lecturer
Oxford Brookes University


“I have been using ChassisSim over the last two years and by far and away it has been the best motorsport simulation package I have ever used. The transient nature of ChassisSim means it can be employed and used in areas that are simply not possible for other simulation packages. I have been engineering race cars for a while and this has transformed the way I engineer a race car. I would recommend this package to anyone wanting to get value for money and true results from a sim package.”

Oscar Fiorinotto
Technical Director SupaLoc Racing and V8 Supercar Race Engineer


“Signature has been using ChassisSim for the last 3 years on all its track activities (Formula 3, LMP1, LMP2…) and as a car manufacturer. In ChassisSim we find a fast, reliable and easy to use simulator. The upgrades and the services provided by Danny Nowlan to adapt the simulator to our needs is a clear advantage for us. In the time where simulators are closer and closer to the reality, ChassisSim is the perfect tool to have enough freedom to make accurate simulations, even on a car as technically open as a Formula 3 car. We can use it in different step depending on whether if it’s a simple simulation to a really detailed simulation with good results in execution times that are useable. The tyre force modelling toolbox, based on race data is one of the many toolboxes we have found useful to create an accurate and useable vehicle model.”

Olivier Helvig
Signature F3 Technical Manager

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